Things that may have worked for you then, but might not be working for you now:

- White gloves & a whistle
- Blue eyeshadow
- Alcopops
- Ace of Base (Did YOU see the sign?)
- Platforms
- The Ab-Dominator
- 18-30 holidays (shudder)

Or, perhaps that’s just me?

But one thing IS for sure, the diet you ate in your 20’s will not be serving you now middle-(r)agers. In fact, optimum nutrient intake changes considerably over a lifetime and varies between gender too. Sometimes there are windows of opportunity that you do not want to miss. For example, teenagers have significant calcium requirements from 9 to 18 years, and you do not want to mess this up or there will be problems down the line. Osteoporosis is not a legacy you want to subscribe to at 13 years of age and those sporty ones, well we want them bones & body parts to last!

Signs that your diet may not be optimum for you right now: you’re eating the same but the way your clothes fit is not the same! You might realise that you just don’t have the energy you used to have. Sports fanatics, you might find your PB is now unattainable. Perhaps you're picking up every little virus that comes your way. Sleep is not what it was.  Your hair, skin and nails aren’t Insta-ready. In fact, your body has many ways of telling you that your diet is off and no longer serving you.

Ultimately, there really is only one way to find out if your diet is on track for the individual that you are and that is to get a dietary analysis. This will tell you exactly how your diet is measuring up against guidelines for your age, stage, height, weight, belly circumference and lifestyle.

You might only need a couple of tweaks here and there to discover in a short time that you are once again feeling your power!

Running from the 15th of August to the 15th of September, I’m offering you a dietary analysis for £20 when you quote the reference WHERE AM I AT? Your analysis will not only detail vital nutrients your body could be missing out on but will also offer you specific recommendations as to how to improve your nutrition to reach recommended guidelines.

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